Moments in 2013

I don’t remember January much, except that I was preparing for my birthday in February.
This picture was taken at a friends birthday party in February; Fairy tale themed.

I dressed as a ninja turtle. (That was the only costume iLiked that fit my tiny frame *wink*


Then came my long awaited birthday in February.

On February 21, I turned “Sweet Sixteen” Yaay!!!




It wasn’t a landmark birthday, so getting so many cakes was a little overwhelming. This was Thursday, 21st February. God prepared me for the next couple of days, weeks, months and years by making me extra happy. I was on an unusual ‘high’, thanks to my boss and colleagues at work. They made it extra special


Sunday February 24th, I receive a phonecall that my only sister had passed.

We had spoken briefly on my birthday (the 21st), so I … I still don’t get how these things happen.

Suffice to say, nothing has been the same ever since.




The emotional roller coaster was set in motion pre and post the burial.

She was buried on Wednesday, February 27, 2013.

Barely a week after my birthday.



Life as I had known it, suddenly became ‘meh’ and I began to question everything.

I became particularly curious about what the departed do in paradise.

To cheer me up sometime in March, and get me out of my head, a few friends invited me over to the beach for a “festival of kites”.

This was fun! It was great watching dads become boys again, flying kites and playing with their kids. The role of friends when fighting depression or going through a tough time must never be trivialized.


20140101-083013.jpgAnother set of friends decided to make me glad. It worked.

We visited South Africa on a whim. Lol I’m grateful for my friends!

I needed the distraction. I had to get away from my reality for a bit.





And it’s a wrap!

…and back to where it all began, my birthday!

To imagine that I was still seated behind my desk at 18hours on my birthday is the summary of my “work-life-balance.”

Work was a great distraction following my sisters death though. Old habits die hard 🙂

2014 is definitely going to be a better and greater year. I’ve seen all the signs.

Happy New Year everyone. Welcome to the first of the best years ahead!

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One thought on “Moments in 2013

  1. Abisola

    I was here and I wanted more.


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