Personal Effects

The toughest thing I’ve had to do in my entire life to date…is clearing out my late sisters’ room and ‘sorting out’ her personal effects. Death is a bitch! Take time out to de-clutter your life and while you’re at it, do it quickly. Life is short.


Sorting Out Personal Effects

If you’ve ever had to move house or sort out stuff, you no doubt know how transient life is. Not only that, you’d also realize how ephemeral, if not flimsy many of the things we pursue and acquire over time are (tend to be and/or appear to become – over time). TIME!

As we journey through life – we pick up a lot of baggage. And since we are generally capricious and full of whims, we tend to acquire so much stuff: – material things, acquaintances, documents that were once deemed very important, pictures, and in some cases, ex-colleagues and clients *sigh*

The downside of being a rolling stone wrt job-hopping is that I run into so many ‘familiar faces” that I can’t place. It’s always worse when they remember my name and de-Tales and introduce me to a third-party as a former colleague or…

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