Personal Effects

Sorting Out Personal Effects

If you’ve ever had to move house or sort out stuff, you no doubt know how transient life is. Not only that, you’d also realize how ephemeral, if not flimsy many of the things we pursue and acquire over time are (tend to be and/or appear to become – over time). TIME!

As we journey through life – we pick up a lot of baggage. And since we are generally capricious and full of whims, we tend to acquire so much stuff: – material things, acquaintances, documents that were once deemed very important, pictures, and in some cases, ex-colleagues and clients *sigh*

The downside of being a rolling stone wrt job-hopping is that I run into so many ‘familiar faces” that I can’t place. It’s always worse when they remember my name and de-Tales and introduce me to a third-party as a former colleague or client. (Uhm, when and where exactly was that?!?!?)

I’ve come to the near conclusion that, “over time, everything outlives its usefulness.” A few days ago, I was privileged (make that required/mandated – whatever) to go retrieve my stuff from a place I once called home ~ “Times and cease-ings.”

I’ve had to move so often in the short course of my physical existence; it’s been such a tortuous journey that I wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn’t been christened “Simi” at birth. (Simi means rest – in my local dialect)

Anyways, back to my crazy tale…

Whenever the welfare team begins to canvass for gift items at Christmas or other festive periods, they make this quip: “any item in your closet that you haven’t used or missed in a year has served its purpose in your life and possibly over stayed its usefulness.” —> the message is clear: give such items away! QED

The irony is that as smart as that might sound, we tend to hold on to a lot of stuff for sentimental reasons. Invariably, many of us get unnecessarily attached to these items – and that’s very normal by the way. Mementos trigger memories: the good, the bad, the ugly.

Ok, back to my tale…

So I get a call from a relative to come get my stuff from theirs. Everything had to be done in a hurry. And because we were pressed for time and space, I had to trash a lot of things. There was little room for sentiments, I was pained. The good thing is I was present to sort these things out, myself

As I was going through items that had once been important though long discarded, I realized how privileged I was to be alive to make decisions about what eventually stayed and what was trashed. It also forced Mee to go back home to sort my stuff. Some people aren’t alive to make such choices.

Jack Welch, a businessman has this quote attributed to him, “Change before you have to”. This implies that you should sort out your life and belongings before you have to. Trust Mee; you don’t want to wait till you HAVE to.

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10 thoughts on “Personal Effects

  1. Tell me about it …


  2. Hii Miss Percy…it’s always such a delight to read your writes ;)…hilarious, entertaining yet deep and sense giving. Truth is, 2secs ago was already too late to start “sorting” ….Cheers Simi and nice one 😉


  3. Reblogged this on MoYounique and commented:

    The toughest thing I’ve had to do in my entire life to date…is clearing out my late sisters’ room and ‘sorting out’ her personal effects. Death is a bitch! Take time out to de-clutter your life and while you’re at it, do it quickly. Life is short.


  4. Mr. Adelowo Samuel Anifalaje

    Hey Simi, I guess so, your write-up here is a sad but true fact about most of us (black people). We hang on to too many unnecessary stuff both emotional, spiritual and physical. I came to the same conclusion as you & Jack Welch a long time ago. Our culture doesn’t prepare us well for letting go and consequently de-cluttering.


    • my darling brother!!!!
      *it always feels soooo good to be read by peeps like you* ~ Long time no chat ……. how are you?
      OK, back to why we’re here… de-Cluttering is highly necessary. We learn everyday *thankfully*


  5. Cimi?!?!

    Is this you?! Well, no wonder!!

    Right More jo!!!


  6. At the time I wrote this in January, little did I know that the major “sorting out” was yet to take place.
    After my elder sister passed in February, I had to clear out her room and subsequently sort out her stuff …that was the real sorting out!!! Nothing prepares you for the death of a loved one. Nothing. No matter how hard you try to ‘accept fate’ or ‘manage your emotions’. Nothing! *sigh*


  7. villebilingue

    Hey Moyounique,
    HBD à toi, and if am not too wrong, you look like you are already beginning to have a swell day, you deserve it, Happy Birthday!


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