Keeping a J-O-B requires #PHD

2013 is definitely going to be a Great Year!!! But before I run off at the mouth, let Mee start by sh-Air-ing de-Tale on the tip of many tongues — waaaiiiitttt for it !!!

It’s no secret that I’ve set a new record as far as my job-hopping tendencies are concerned. In a couple of days, I’d be celebrating my second year on-the-SAME-job! 2 years on SAME Job…SAME JOB…TWO FULL YEARS!! (Thunderous Applause)!!!


It hasn’t been a joy-ride, considering the myriad of emotions I experienced in the course of the last 24 months.


“What went wrong?” “Are you sure you’re ok?” The most hilarious was a crazy picture a friend sent to Mee… “You’ve stayed longer here than at any other, I’ve scheduled you for a drug test” Sometime in the course of the first year, a friend actually sent me this message, “Did Dotman threaten to leave?” —- SIGH! I’ve put myself through a lot of shii trust Mee, Lol! *chei*

job Chop Money

Anyway, before I sh-Air de-Tale about how I managed to make it to this stAGE, I’d like to emphasize a quote by Denis Waitley which I recently came across: “Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end.” This is specially applicable to hunters, hoppers and anyone who might be looking for more…

Mental Chains

I’d do the write-thing about the last two and half years and how I feel today in my next blog. The only thing more gratifying than doing the write-thing is being read! Please stay tuned «—»

Cheers 🙂

PS: The “PHD”, in the title means Politics, Hard-work and Dobale

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6 thoughts on “Keeping a J-O-B requires #PHD

  1. I’m the same exact way about jobs! I hear it may be a generational thing. previous generations usually expected to stay in a job until they retired, while ours is constantly looking for the next best thing…doesn’t help that ours is constantly facing market upheavals either….hmm .


  2. Funny post!


  3. Ennie

    What’s the dobale please?


    • Figuratively, “Dobale” means Arse-kissing – a skill that’s required to climb the ladder in many indigenous organizations

      PS: #This view is open to debatePS: #This view is open to debate
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  4. villebilingue

    Well done, BTW, don’t delay in posting the next blog!


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