Tribute to the Departed – Dino – 1

If You’re Tagged, I want You to know that You’ve Written, Said or Done Something that got Mee out of a Rut at least Once; and I’m using this Medium to say “Thank You, God Bless and Keep you…Amen!” If you’re wondering why you were not tagged, you probably got Mee into the rut, Lol… {I’m just messing aite} ~~~ Either ways, you’re in my Large Circle of Friends…so “sometime in your youth or childhood, you MUST HAVE done something gooooood…” I appreciate your Friendship very much…! God keep you, Amen

To Dr. Ayodeji Dino Adeniji – “…always Just a Phone Call Away”

(January 2009): I’m fighting tears as I type this – I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, I’m glad I finally have a chance to do so. A few days ago, I cried for the first time since the news of your departure. “Thank you for everything” – I’m glad I said that often, even though I now realize I neither said it enough nor mean it as much!

In retrospect, I wonder how you packed so many activities into your schedule, as you were Always Just a Phone-Call Away!?!
Gosh, my fingers are shaking as I type … Your selflessness made me realize my selfishness. Thank you for everything and I mean that with ALL my heart. As for your expertise in music, ICT, acada, dance and basic rules for living; you were a truly gifted person.

Thank you for being a friend in need. Dino, my fingers are shaking… Where many saw me as I was and treated me as my ways deserved, in spite of the obvious, you saw and treated me as I could be. *Mee* ~ It was a privilege – a great privilege – to have met you in 1999, at the FLT – Physics Lab, UI.

You were a friend in deed; a real blessing to my life – till November 2008: a friend over nine years through thick and thin. He who has a few friends like you has a Lot!!! Thank you for being ‘salt and light’ ~ of a truth, he who keeps his life will lose it and he who loses his life (for Christ’s sake) will find it!

Thank you for believing in Mee when I didn’t believe in myself – I made it through (PS: It’s now September 2012 in our time zone; I’m glad I got a chance to mend my ways. (That’s still a major Work in Progress though)

Adieus Dino, you walked with God and God took you!

With gratitude in my heart,

To live in the hearts of those who love you is to live forever! Live on Dino till we meet at the feet of Jesus.
(In the words of the song) “ao pade lese Jesu, nibi ti a ko ni ya’ra wa.a o rira wa, a o yo mo’ra wa Jesu ni yio se alaga wa…!”

(Physical) Death is a Transition: it’s the ultimate price of all human beings. Life is Transient; hence, the eternal security of our souls (life in the hereafter) should be our priority.

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