A Budding Relationship

A more appropriate title if I’d gone ahead to share the entire drama, would be “Burden Relationships” or “Class will Never go out of Style” or as my colleague suggested, “MS Office Romance” LOL. But I’ve decided to sh-air just this bit… So the heading “A Budding Relationship” should suffice!*wink*

He’s not one of these money-miss-road or simply-lucky-to-have-a-job or just-lucky-to-earn-income-due-to-a-salary “type” of guys. He’s self-made. By this I mean, with or without his salary, he’d still retain his essence. How many people are like that anyways? How many people bother to educate themselves outside formal education?

Several people claim they don’t have time to develop their character or work hard on their core selves simply because they are saddled with work and job demands, KMT. Get a life dude, there’s a lot more to life than racing through it and feeling fly SMH! Besides, “the thing wey these boys wey no too get money dey take their coins do ehn, you go fear!!!” —-> here I go, running my mouth AGAIN.

Seriously though, there is more to life than the things we chase – it’s what’s inside that truly matters!

Anyways, my admiration and respect soared when during a training, after Malik and I had previously discussed traffic and driving in Lagos, the facilitator broached the subject with reference to France. Not only did Malik have meaningful contribution – ’cos he’s been there before – but he also said it with a chuckle.

Without batting an eyelid (I must have batted my eyelids) but my point is, instantly, my admiration grew. I have always loved Paris. There was no air about him, no cockiness, and I was really impressed because he wasn’t cheeky about my naiveté.

I hate asking questions; a lot of people are of the opinion that I simply don’t care enough to ask questions (ouch)… But as difficult as it is for me, I heard myself asking him if his trip to France was business or pleasure. “Pleasure”, he replied.

I couldn’t stop the blood from rushing to my face. That’s the last time we saw and/or spoke.

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3 thoughts on “A Budding Relationship

  1. thanks by the way … I almost forgot my manners 🙂


  2. fatima

    I was going to read and exit…..till I got to ‘blood rushing to ur face’ #smh….lol
    Nice write-up!


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