The Importance of Strategy and Goal Setting (*reprinted with Permission)

Call ‘am woman, African woman no go gree oh, she go say ay-ay, she go say I be lady oh ~ in Fela’s voice.
 So yesterday I watched two “ladies” in a street fight {please don’t ask what I was doing around them}. Considering the way the argument degenerated, and the demeanor of both parties, I was tempted to blame it on PMS; but after a while, I had to conclude that the trigger was more than a surge of hormones. I couldn’t help but notice however, that one of them removed her wrist watch and chain long before the fight ensued. Her calculated decision reminded me about one of my customers – Miranda

One bright Monday morning, a customer walked up to me and informed me that she wanted to convert her account to a special account or get a different package entirely. She was running a demand deposit checking account but she wanted a pure savings account and requested we block her debit options. (That way even if she was in dire need and needed to make a withdrawal she would not be able to do so). For someone currently in the university, her request was unusual, or so it seemed, to me. I commended her wisdom and made inquiries as to why she wanted such a strict package.

When I was an undergraduate, money flowed freely into and through my hands and ‘saving’ was not something I understood. I had a ‘savings account’, three saving accounts as a matter of fact, but money never stayed in any of those accounts as long as I had a need – and by need here, I actually mean a WANT!!! {These accounts were nothing but ‘Transient Accounts’ … demand deposit, and more demand than deposit.} As a matter of fact, I was so extravagant that I hardly deposited money except for momentary safe keeping!

Miranda opened up to me when we got into my office (a mere cubicle actually) and what she told me lingered on in my mind long after the words had tumbled out of her lips. From her story, I gathered that she was planning to change schools and the about-to-be-opened-or-converted-account was to provide financial back up for her intended lifestyle. With no plans to study, she had decided to save up money to ‘settle’ her would-be-lecturers to ensure her academic progress over the 4-year period of study.

It was mind blowing!!!

Using my “church-mind”, I was tempted to stop her but I could only see the ‘wisdom’ behind her actions. She knew what she wanted and she devised a strategy to actualize it. When it comes to issues concerning the future on the contrary, “churchians”, leave it all to God (because He is able and more than able to do…) What can I say, “the children of this world are wiser in their generation than the sons of the kingdom!”

For BEST results (measurable results) we need to have goals, make plans and follow through those plans! I learnt the IMPORTANCE of goal setting and strategizing aka PLANNING shortly after I joined the Tsun-Army, but my first realm encounter was from a 19-year old, Miranda!

We usually make resolutions at the beginning of every year, even though by Val’s day, more than half of those plans are moot! We are one month away from a New Year ~ (Half a word should be enough for the wise reader)




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2 thoughts on “The Importance of Strategy and Goal Setting (*reprinted with Permission)

  1. Dot

    Life is all about goals, init? Thanks for sharing


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