Musings of a P.A

~January/February~ – The Perks

I don’t know much about my colleagues, but for Mee, the life of a P.A is probably ‘DA LIFE’! Well, depending on whom you’re P.A to … But IMHO, being a P.A is possibly the most socially rewarding ‘career’ any (restless) soul can build. You have access to power and a high degree of control, and at the same time, you’re shielded from the full weight of responsibility…

When we meet, it’s easy to identify who’s who … did I say when we meet? I mean ‘where’ we meet! OMG, what was I thinking all this while? Building a Banking Career?! Mscchheeewww let sleeping dogs continue to lie*** not with the way the FG is taking over failed banks etc. I mean, when the FG decides to take over something in an era where everyone is advocating privatization; it is a Serious Matter!

Truthfully, the mass retrenchment (2009) was a blessing in disguise mehn. Even though it came as a BIG shock, then relief, then VERY rude shock at the time! Fired? Asked to resign?!? After ALL I’ve done for the bank?!? “Crazy Bank Ass” ~ thank God I didn’t fall into the Corporate / Commercial Prostitution trap, all for deposits!

Looking back, I’m now LIVING da LIFE … {I daresay, with ALL the complexities thereof} but the Exposure to power is worth ALL the hazards (ooopppsss mybad, did I really just say that?!? Typo, my bad) ~ I need to prioritize before I make my FINAL submission… But in my current state of mind I daresay being a P.A is an indirect way to “Live Da LIfe”

~August~ – The Irony

Life and Times of a P.A …

  • zilch!
  • no life!
  • no personal time!
  • job hazards? yep yep yep
  • A Personal Assistant is just that; as the name implies, a-personal-assistant! PERIOD
  • Hence, s/he’s always at the beck and call of oga … dear, very dear (expensive) oga!
  • I would speak about the hazards later, but as I am… a P.A’s life is a miniature of his/her oga’s life. No more, no less
  • Sigh … @#$%^&* –

~November~ – The Hazards

I had to resign as P.A to my boss (who else would I have been P.A to but MY boss anyway?!?) a coupla weeks ago; as lucrative as it was***sobbing out loud!

OK, here’s why…

My boss returned from a trip and informed Mee that he was tired’, expectedly. I nodded in agreement, and he asked Mee to get him some olive oil. No qualms, I dashed off (“What’s a P.A for if not errand affairs?”) The P.A is the Minister of Errand affairs … which I happened to be! On my return, he said his thanks and I began to pack my sack; sorry, my bag ~ ready to go home… home sweet home

(PS: home is where the heart is).

A short while later, as I was approaching to bid him farewell, he informed Mee he needed a massage. Sure thing Sire, let me get your masseuse on the phone…


He stops Mee and says, “can you define the word ‘Personal Assistant’?!?” Shocked to my marrow, I stammered as the definition dawned on Mee…

Talk about job hazards!!!

You really don’t want to know what followed…

…till I’m stable again,


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3 thoughts on “Musings of a P.A

  1. I dont even want to imagine what happened… However I’m sure if u’d read the fine print… I’ve always dreamt of being a PA to a level headed person that’ll fly me around the world! I enjoyed reading this 🙂


  2. *shocked gasp!* You massaged your boss?! :O

    Maybe I am just incorrigibly naughty. But I’m just wondering how you can give a non-sexual massage sha.


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