Parkinson’s Review

At the beginning of this decade, I went to ‘see’ my Pastor for counseling and prayer against ‘agbana’* … I felt it was imperative to do this because on more than one occasion I’ve wondered why my ‘take-home-pay’ does not ‘take-Mee-home’

I have, on “few” occasions, been accused of being a heavy spender, because after-all, in my honest opinion, “there is nothing better than for a man to eat, drink and find pleasure in his work.” – (Ecclesiastes)

But my dear pastor made Mee realize that…

“Income ‘comes against’ us in four (4) major ways, or maybe five (5) for the few smart ones…” viz:

  1. Salaries
  2. Self employment income,
  3. Bonuses and commissions,
  4. Pensions and annuities,
  5. Investment income

“…but ‘flees from’ us in over twenty (20) ways” …as itemized briefly below:

  1. Home utilities: mortgage, rent, household supplies, maintenance, furniture/appliances, groceries, electricity, gas/oil, water, sewer/trash, internet, phone-home, phone-cell, cable/satellite TV, cleaning services, laundry, fuel (generator), lawn/garden, real estate tax, security guards, residential estate levy … other sources
  2. Children: medical, clothing, school tuition, school lunch, school supplies, baby-sitting, toys/games, …other sources
  3. Education: tuition, books, training/seminars, …other sources
  4. Health: doctor/dentist, medicine/drugs, other sources…
  5. Giving’s/charity: tithes, offerings, gifts, parents, family, other sources
  6. Obligations: federal taxes, state/local taxes, loan – student, loan – other, legal fees, other sources…
  7. Entertainment: dining out, events, concerts/plays, movies, rentals, music, film/photos, sports, outdoor recreation, games, toys/gadgets, …other sources
  8. Transportation: auto loan/lease, insurance, car fuel, bus taxi fare, repairs, license registration, other … other sources
  9. Vacation: travel, lodging, food, car rental, shopping, entertainment …other sources
  10. Subscription: BIS, newspaper, magazines, dues, club memberships … other sources
  11. Insurance: auto, health, home/rental, life … other sources
  12. Pets: food, medical, toys/supplies … other sources
  13. Miscellaneous: bank fees, postage, …other .sources

I was subsequently advised to ‘be-guided’ in my spending because it is not what you earn but what you keep that counts in the long run. “Pastor” also told Mee to take responsibility for my financial state and stop blaming the devil or “agbana spirits” – God help Mee J

Parkinson was so d****** right when he said “expenses rise to meet the income”


*agbana – in my local dialect (I’m guessing here…) means a devourer (of some sort) that only shows up when you have resources. (It’s subtlety is implied in the lyrics of the song “more money we come across more problems we see”)


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10 thoughts on “Parkinson’s Review

  1. Aroworayi

    now I understand why my take home pay hardly takes me home. thank you for sharing


  2. lets just say JMK

    Honestly, I must say, I like the frankness of MEE’s write ups. one word to describe them- refreshing! I sure will look out for more of your write-ups and propbaly make time out to read the older ones.


  3. Can Darella

    Re – “*agbana – in my local dialect (I’m guessing here…)…”

    If that local language/dialect of yours is Yoruba, then I’ll like to expand the idea — to separate the comprising words in “Agbana” and present the whole meaning of it. “Agbana” is compressed from À gbà nà which, in context, could mean one of two things: 1) the one who collects to spend or 2) the situation, medium, or channel through which spending occurs.

    In line with your going to your pastor for prayers against “Agbana,” I have often heard people say “Ki Òlùwa bàwà fì ògún àgbànà bú.” This frequently used expression means God should help us conquer the battle of numerous (often times unprecedented) spendings. In this context, “àgbànà” represents many non-budgeted spendings such as an unexpected vehicle malfunction/damage, sudden illness, broken furniture, and so on which all could make an instant heavy demand on your income.

    In as much as I agree with you that it is important to “be-guided’ in… our spending[s]… [and] take responsibility for… [our] financial state,” and I will also like to add that it is imperative that God “rebukes the devourer for our sakes (Mal 3:11).


    • Amen broda! That makes me feel better. So I can now go back to rebuking ‘agbana’ with a clear conscience. 🙂


      • Lol @ Sharon!
        Rebuke all you want (but not at the risk of neglecting personal response-ability)

        Wisely bear in mind that “My People perish for lack of knowledge” and wisdom is the right application of knowledge 🙂

        I trust you though *wink*
        to thine own self be true…


    • many thanks for the expose 🙂


  4. Lol, thanks for the feedback guys… iAppreciate 🙂

    Please Sh-air


  5. LOL…I have also recently been casting ‘agbana’ from my life (to no avail I might add). So while your post made me laugh, it also made me think. Which is what doing the write thing is about yes?


  6. I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard..


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