My Dog is Vegetarian

My dog is vegetarian and by God, if my dog is disciplined enough to be vegetarian I can do so and much more also. About two years ago, I, barely 30, threw an embolus – an embolus is a mass, most commonly a blood clot that becomes lodged in a blood vessel and obstructs it.
I had a near-cardiac arrest probably due to heart breaks I have suffered from men I have dared to love and those that have ventured to love Mee *** (wink). Anyways, I have since this discovery, or rather, since my recovery, decided to ‘watch’ my diet and to ensure I strictly adhere to the RDA of food.
In order to ensure compliance to this healthy-food-table, I decided to become vegetarian {I assume(d) that by so doing, I’d be safe!}. It was a little difficult at first and very boring too ~ but … we gotta do what we gat to do 
Can you imagine life, (my life) without chicken, cakes, ice cream, smoked fish and … etc? No wonder I’m losing weight. Oats, oatmeal, wheat meal, and the like have become allies with me. Still I rise…and I will NEVER have to go back to the hospital – except to have my babies – Amen!
I have been caught on more than one occasion of nibbling on chicken, pork, steak etc – the forbidden fruit is always sweet – what shall I say?
Dogs are so sweet, and quite sensitive too… ’cos ever since my dog learnt (please don’t ask Mee how) that I was vegetarian; it stopped eating bone, meat, etc. I mean, seriously! What other motivation do I need to STOP for my health sake?!?
It is difficult to stick to my diet – but I have long known that I’ve got to play by the rules to win the game. There are always rules – that’s life! No matter how hard we try, no matter how fast we are, no matter how gifted or talented we happen to be, except we play by the rules, we’d never win!
Thank God for good health, but it’s not without its price – can you imagine life – MY LIFE – without cakes? Ice cream? Chicken? Chocolates?!? And all the pleasures associated with these? (Repetition for emphasis) *** iSigh.
Good things (good health inclusive) don’t come cheap. There’s always a PRICE to pay…
Whilst I’m battling these cravings in order to preserve my Physical life, I have realized (and I constantly realize) how negligent I have been in other areas of life – i.e with respect to other matters – Financial, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual; especially the Spiritual.
But we tend to pay attention, more attention to the obvious.

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