When Tom-or-Row Comes…

PS: if or when tomorrow comes is the cry of a confused child at major crossroads …”what if?!?”


I saw your notepad lying on my desk and I just couldn’t resist the urge to do the write thing, especially since I find it cathartic. I really need to clear my head right now and I could do with your jotter! (pardon my impudence)

It’s only a couple of weeks into the “New Year” and some of the resolutions I made are already “seemingly” moot! No thanks to unforeseen circumstances and situations way beyond my immediate natural control. I guess this is your way of showing you’re in charge innit *wink wink*

If only I could tell tomorrow… I can barely even tell the next coupla minutes so why should I bother? *rme* I went out to register today and found out that the #INEC registration has to be done in/around my place of residence… sadly, the election wouldn’t take place till April and who knows where I’d be then *wol* “wondering out loud”

Like everyone else, I just have to keep pressing on as I juggle work, family, friends, finances and health. Not to mention my spiritual life *sigh* I wish life wasn’t so complicated. But your Grace is sufficient for Mee, for Your strength is made perfect in weakness *smile*

My assurance rests in the fact that even though I do not know the future or what the future holds, I know and I’m held by the One who holds the future. This is why I will press on and NOT give up even in the face of current realities *in your face satan* Help me go through this wonderful year dear Lord… we have a lot to do esp wrt coping with my Career, In-laws, Colleagues, Politicians, Financial Institutions and their increasing debits on my accounts, and Traffic *sigh*!

Your ever dependent child,
Mo Younique
January 2011

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2 thoughts on “When Tom-or-Row Comes…

  1. *sigh* at “really overwhelming” – I guess it’s God’s way of teaching us to wholly depend and rely upon Him —> TRUST: To Rely Upon Someone Totally


  2. “even though I do not know the future or what the future holds, I know and I’m held by the One who holds the future. ” – really beautiful.
    life is truly complicated and navigating through it could be really overwhelmimg, but through it all, its a beautiful thing to know that you can always count on God who knows all things.


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