Parkinson, Pastor and Mee

At the beginning of this decade, I went to ‘see’ my pastor for counseling and prayer against ‘agbana’* … Because on more than one occasion I have wondered why my ‘take-home-pay’ does not ‘take Mee home’
My Dear Pastor Made Mee Realize That …

Income ‘Comes Against’ Us In Four (4) Major Ways, or maybe Five (5) viz:

  1. Salaries
  2. Self Employment Income,
  3. Bonuses and Commissions,
  4. Pensions and Annuities,
  5. Investment Income

But ‘Flees From’ Us In Over Twenty (20) Ways … stated below:

HOME UTILITIES: Mortgage, Rent, Household Supplies, Maintenance, Furniture/Appliances, Groceries, Electricity, Gas/Oil, Water, Sewer/Trash, Internet, Phone-Home, Phone-Cell, Cable/Satellite Tv, Cleaning Services, Laundry, Fuel (Generator), Lawn/Garden, Real Estate Tax, Security Guards, Residential Estate Levy … Other … Other

CHILDREN: Medical, Clothing, School Tuition, School Lunch, School Supplies, Baby-Sitting, Toys/Games, Other … Other … Other

EDUCATION: Tuition, Books, Training/Seminars, Other … Other …

HEALTH: Doctor/Dentist, Medicine/Drugs, Other …

GIVINGS/CHARITY: Tithes, Offerings, Gifts, Parents, Family, Other … Other

OBLIGATIONS: Federal Taxes, State/Local Taxes, Loan – Student, Loan – Other, Legal Fees, Other …

ENTERTAINMENT: Dining Out, Events, Concerts/Plays, Movies, Rentals, Music, Film/Photos, Sports, Outdoor Recreation, Games, Toys/Gadgets, Other … Other

TRANSPORTATION: Auto Loan/Lease, Insurance, Car Fuel, Bus Taxi Fare, Repairs, License Registration, Other … Other …Other

VACATION: Travel, Lodging, Food, Car Rental, Shopping, Entertainment …Other

SUBSCRIPTION: Newspaper, Magazines, Dues, Club Memberships … Other

INSURANCE: Auto, Health, Home/Rental, Life … Other

PETS: Food, Medical, Toys/Supplies … Other

MISCELLANEOUS: Bank Fees, Postage, Other … Other … Other

I Was Subsequently Advised To ‘Be Guided’ In MY Spending Because It Is NOT What You Earn BUT What You Keep That Counts In The Long Run.

Parkinson Was So D****** Right When He Said “Expenses Rise To Meet The Income”

God Help Mee Because I Intend To Earn MORE Income 🙂

*Agbana – in my local dialect (I’m guessing here) means a devourer (of some sort) that only shows up when you have resources. (Its subtlety is implied in the lyrics of the song “more money we come across more problems we see” …)

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4 thoughts on “Parkinson, Pastor and Mee

  1. U just simply naild da tRUTH on da head…We also nid to seek wisdom from God. Wisdom is profitable to direct…


  2. Yewande

    true talk, thank u 4 d perspective.. we can try to increase our streams of income self employment income even when u av a paid job. though I must admit u need 2 b disciplined so u don’t muddle them up.


  3. sola

    Seriously, God should save us from ‘agbana’!
    I’ve been working for about 6 years now and sometimes I ask myself “what have I got to show for it??”
    I think in all, we should count it joy cos it can only get better… I know I will END up wealthy… this is just the storyline to my big END.


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