The Manufacturer’s Manual

Sometime in October, I walked down the aisle with one of the strongest we-men I have been privileged to know. I am not a fan of elaborate wedding ceremonies or the idea behind them, but that is another matter in its entirety. I’m at best, an “ara-oke” (novice) where elaborate celebrations are concerned. I am too much of a realist to be carried away by a wedding ceremony.

A few people feel it’s sheer pessimism, but IMHO (in-my-honest-opinion), getting carried away by a wedding ceremony is akin to eating so much icing you don’t get to enjoy the cake; the ‘marriage proper/preparation’ being the cake here. Truthfully, getting married is not a big deal, the real deal is staying married.

Anyways, since I have a way of focusing on the future so much that I sometimes miss out on the present, I ignored the vicars instruction and did not go for the dress rehearsal. (The dress rehearsal is a pre-play of the solemnization ceremony ~ a mini-rehearsal with the celebrants, couple, best man and chief bridesmaid in attendance) As far as I was concerned, whether or not the altar walk was perfect and/or synchronized, the couple would be wedded!

So, on the d-day; yours truly, a novice at best, dressed up to party! *yaaay, let’s get it started aha* LOL

Now, there is usually a program given out to guests at these ceremonies which serves as a guide as to the proceedings. It helps to indicate the order of events i.e. what is currently happening, what is next, and what is to come! Like I said before, I tend to focus so much on the future that I sometimes miss out on the present. But on this day, I erroneously failed to pick up a program, thus making it difficult to ‘see’ the future!

Long and short, the priest had to tell me when to kneel and when to stand; when to turn and when to sit. It was a funny sight, and thanks to my partner, the best man, and the wise vicar, who was aware I hadn’t been at the dress-rehearsal, our esteemed audience was oblivious of the ‘drama’. But I could have saved myself a lot of  ‘wandering … wondering … wandering’ if only I had taken a program or had spared some time to attend the dress rehearsal.

A few weeks later, I lost my bbm icon because I upgraded to a higher OS without reading the manual. I mean, ‘everybody’ else around me had access to some cool features and it was time to maximize the benefits of the pinging machine. Sharply, I downloaded… it was after I messed everything up I went to read the manual to understand what I’d done wrong. But trust Mee, if I could do it all over again, I’d read the manual first, the agony was too much.

I was going out the other day and decided to check the car radiator. Back at home, we had to put some water into the radiator before taking dear-Daddy’s-car out. So I opened the hood and did not see a compartment for ‘water’ … oh well, because I later learnt that the car uses a coolant and not water per se! ~ iSigh

Life is enjoyed best and devoid of mental and emotional stress when we read the Manufacturers manual and go by the principles contained therein. Many of us are so eager to get into the game that we often neglect to learn the rules of the game. As a result, no sooner do we start that we get disqualified simply because we do not play by the rules. {game here refers to any endeavor that involves effort – car race, marriage, rat-race, relationships, politics; rules refer to the guidelines in employee handbooks for Corporate slaves and other service related memos}

The One who made us, also gave us a manual to guide and instruct us in the best pathway for our lives with respect to our journey through life. It is amazing how little of the manual I’ve covered in my entire life, many thanks to misplaced priorities. #rat-race, #corporate slavery, #ignorance, #folly

Have you read the Manufacturers manual lately?

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2 thoughts on “The Manufacturer’s Manual

  1. definitely, we cannot follow all manuals…

    Manual said to Adam: touch not, but he touched and ate and here we are …

    Manual said to Abraham: Wait, but he gave in to his wife and there they are …

    it’s okay to take counsel from friends, family and third parties, but not at the expense of our very essence (the reason we were made)! the manufacturer knows why he made his products and the purpose each product is to serve …

    God instructs, since He is the one who knows the end, and even though friends may counsel, they are at their best, limited!


  2. ginibeagha

    younique: as usual very impressive, there seem to be so many manuals out there these days, sometimes its confusing, from the heavenly manual to the social manual, to mummy’s manual and friends manual. All these seem to conflict…………….. shouldn’t we just create our own manual and work with it, enjoying everyday life by our own rules, sure we would mess up sometimes but think about it if you decided (manual-ised decision) not to go for the rehearsal and pick the program, I’m sure you would have felt more at ease when being p-ushe(re)d around. My point? (yes i know, i have come again) we cant follow all manuals, sometimes just foge-r-abou-rit and enjoy!!


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