Musings of a PA …

Prior to now (now that I am in the know) I used to wonder why my ‘uncles’ and ‘aunties’ hardly, if ever, responded to my mails or treated them as urgent! NOW I KNOW *** ssshhhhhh *** … they probably NEVER got to read them 🙂

In my ‘job-hunting’ days, I sent circa a million CV’s per day to everyone I knew in high position whom I thought was ‘connected’ enough to be relevant. Alas, no job, no calls for interviews, no feedback! I used to think they were lying each time I spoke with them over the phone or face-to-face only to learn they were yet to ‘see’ my email (habba, uncle! elders don’t tell lies now… or do they?)

Anyways, now I know (revelation)

NB: Here’s a great piss-off advice for you: Never Mail a Man in High Position Asking For HELP or Money or Other – He Wouldn’t Have Time To Read Trivia (except it’s about a project that would add to him financially). Don’t make the stew-pea’d assumption that he has your interests at heart 🙂

(Please feel free to send me a cheque later for free consultation)

Everyone is out to serve ‘self’ first! And no man gives money (or time) to the man who has no money …

So, be nice to the security men, the drivers, the house-helps, the chef, the body guard, the P.A ….. yes oohhhh, the P.A!!! The P.A is the Boss’s Manager! ****ssshhhhhh***** na d P.A. be da real ‘oga’ (well, without the FULL benefits but …)

A word is enough for the “whys” … ciao!

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