Musings of a PA … the perks!

I dont know about my colleagues, but for Mee, the life of a P.A is probably what is aka ‘DA LIFE’! Well, depending on who you’re P.A to … but serious-ly, being a P.A is possibly the most socially rewarding ‘career’ any (restless) one can build… HONEST!

When we meet, it’s easy to identify who’s who … did I say when we meet? I mean where we meet … OMG, what was I thinking all this while? Building a Career?!?

Psscchheeewwwwww let sleeping dogs continue to lie*** when all the while, even my Branch Managers at the Bank were complaining. Was I really planning to end up like them? IF not for ‘Jazz intervention’, I would have been a level-what bank officer and nothing but’ now.

Truthfully, the mass retrenchment was a blessing in disguise mehn, BABA I tank u oh …even though, it came as a BIG shock, then relief, then VERY rude shock at the time! Fired? Asked to resign?!? After ALL Ive done for you?!?! “Crazy Bank Ass”

Now, I’m LIVING da LIFE … with ALL the complexities thereof! The Exposure to power is worth ALL the hazards abeeg (ooopppsss mybad, did I really just say that?!?)

I need to prioritize before I make my FINAL submission … But in my current state of mind I daresay being a P.A is an indirect way to “Live Da LIfe”

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2 thoughts on “Musings of a PA … the perks!

  1. it’s WIP dearie … and it wld be great to have you on board 🙂


  2. ginibeagha

    what about being the boss? just checking…..


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