Musings of a PA … the irony

The Life and Times of a P.A?


no life!

no personal time!

job hazards? yep yep yep

a personal assistant is just that; as the name implies, a-personal-assistant! PERIOD

hence, s/he’s always at the beck and call of oga … dear, very dear (expensive) oga!

I would speak about the hazards later, but as I am… a P.A’s life is a miniature of his/her oga’s life. no more, no less

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2 thoughts on “Musings of a PA … the irony

  1. Yewande

    luk @ d bright side..a miniature life of the oga’s- a PA gets things done since dat’s wot d boss does, knows who 2 talk 2 4 woteva, dwells in d corridors of power so is xposed 2 authority, control , etc. Am I rite or am i rite?


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