Musings of a PA … the hazards!!!

Sigh … @#$%^&*

… about my recent RESIGNATION please don’t judge Mee till you ‘hear’ the details

I had to resign as P.A to my boss (who else would I have been P.A to but MY boss?!?) about three weeks ago; as lucrative as it was***sobbing out loud***

OK, here’s why…

My boss returned from a trip and told Mee he was tired…’expectedly’!!!

I said ok Sir, and he goes on to ask Mee if I could get olive oil…no qualms…I dashed off… (“what’s a P.A for if not errand affairs?”) The Ministers P.A is the Minister of Errand affairs … which I happened to be!

On my return, he said his thanks and I began to pack my sack; sorry, my bag… ready to go home… home sweet home 🙂 (PS: home is where the heart is)

As I was approaching him to bid him farewell, he told Mee he needed a massage…sure thing Sire, lemme get your masseuse on the phone…


He stops Mee and says, “can you define the word ‘Personal Assistant’ ?!?”
Shocked to my marrow, I stammered as the definition dawned on Mee…hmmn…talk about job hazards!!!

You really don’t want to know what followed…

…till I’m stable again,


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2 thoughts on “Musings of a PA … the hazards!!!

  1. ObaDee

    What??!!!! Please send in a second and third resignation letter…

    Well, we don’t really know if its true or if its a Younique, Msundrstood, Percy etc (whoever) spin-off…


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