Why Didn’t You Tell Me?!?

If you steal for Mee, you will one day steal from Mee. I am watching silently … LOL

Due to my Younique background, I learnt at a very early stAGE to swim with shark without being eaten alive. I was always caught in between, and (usually) when two elephants fight, the ground suffers. In order to avoid bearing the brunt of their constant bickering, I often withdrew to lonely places to prey LOL. By eavesdropping on conversation and reading lips where necessary amongst other things, I learnt to steer clear of impending trouble.

One question I am often asked by the elders (guardians) in my life that I have been privileged to address as Parents is this, “why didn’t you tell me?” whenever they meet-as they usually do-behind my back. Let Mee explain.

There was a time Popc gave Mee a tiny bit of information in strict confidence. “… I just thought I should let you know” – that was it. And so it was. Six months down the line, he was discussing the same issue with my Dad, who obviously had no idea what he was talking about. “But I told your daughter….” (sigh) and my Dad calls Mee and asks, “why didn’t you tell me?”

On another occasion, Father invested in a liability (popularly referred to as an asset) and called to inform Mee. I don’t want your Mom to know about this YET, so please just keep mum. Yessir, e ku’nawo Sir! I went my way only to get a call from my Mom asking why I was hoarding information from her! E gba mi oh… I was literally sworn to secrecy!

Momc and I discussed my decision to leave medical school. The rest were very strongly opinionated about who I should become (albeit conflicting images too)! Well, apart from Father, she was the only neutral Parent I could confidently confide in with all the distorted images in my head. By the time I was done telling her what had transpired between Mee and the rest she asked, “Why didn’t you tell me, earlier?”

Implied confidentiality: – except otherwise stated, a conversation with somebody else is for your ears only. If I chose to make my shit known, kindly gimme the great privilege of doing it by myself, by Mee! It’s tempting to reveal the secrets of others but …the golden rule is where it all begins and ends.

Today, all six Parents can confide in Mee and go to sleep rest-assured I will not tell. I am guided by two ASSumptions: – (1) If you steal for Mee, you will someday steal from Mee. (2) He who is faithful in very little will be faithful in much. It’s the very little things that count.

So I was surprised when my friend walked up to Mee a couple of weeks ago asking why I dint tell her that her boyfriend had been cheating on her! Mybad … he’s also my friend! (and the Golden Rule is where it all begins and ends). I felt very bad that I’d kept such ‘serious’ information from her because ‘keeping quiet about the truth is as bad as telling lies’ but on matters of principle, I stand like a rock! and more often than not I Mind My Own Business . . .

All would have been ohkay, but for my hyperactive conscience …now, I’m torn within * heavy sigh! what was I really supposed to do-to have done-to do?!? serious-ly…

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