Mirror Mirror … who’s da fynest?

I have looked into mirrors and out through windows and I have found out that it is better to look for windows of opportunity to help than to gape at my own reflection. I have been on both sides of the altar. It is important to look into mirrors, for effective presentation, but after discovery, the next important thing to do is to take action.

Every once in a while, I do a quick glance (shufti) at my reflection to remind me of who I am. I often need the reassurance. You see except in very rare cases like mine, beauty is usually only skin deep. LOL, to prevent any form of contention, I’d add that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ (BTW, I just got back from a re-assuring visit to the mirror)

There was a time I couldn’t (really) be bothered about my appearance. It was nothing but a wake up-dress up and go-routine. No time for mirror checks. No time for make-up. I went about my duties not concerned about my looks or the ‘See Mee’ others saw. My presentation (or shall I say reputation) didn’t matter. It was their problem, not mine. I was fine.

These days, I can’t be caught without a mirror or my make-up bag, no way! I take my mirror trips seriously, and in order not to be foolish, I make appropriate corrections. For Mee, there is a lot to make-up for. Top of the list is my makeup. With special thanks to the genetic lottery, I don’t have the typical Hollywood to-die-for figure, nor do I have the nerve to go get it YET!

So, due to my makeup, I take my mirror and make-up bag everywhere I go. There is always a reason to touch up. People are watching, no thanks to the cloud of witnesses. Believe me, there is a lot to make-up for. In my own case, these are things beyond my normal control-ability. Traits I inherited from generations long gone, habits that I picked up with little or no effort on my part.

There was a time my roommates made me up for a party and waow, I was transformed. Even I had a little difficulty recognizing myself in the mirror. The following day however, I simply dressed up and set to go to “school area” for my class. At their protest, I told them I was just being me, besides I dint have the time. How was I supposed to spare the time for all that activity? Good make-up takes a while to apply (FYI)

Every once-in-a-while, a person exhibits a trait/character that is totally out of character…pardon the pun, and simply excuses himself by saying, “I’m just being me” what?!? Who are you? Have you looked into the mirror lately? Do you really know who you are? I get caught in similar shoes too, I do forget who I am at times, but I often glance into the mirror and touch up my make-up. (I’d use anything as a mirror). Back in the University, I had a friend that used an electric iron as his mirror. The end justifies the means.

Thanks to Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and the entire world Psychos! We are made up of a combination of nature and nurture, heredity and the environment. So I admit it may be a little difficult to be different from who you are i.e your makeup. But it is not impossible. It takes a lot to cultivate a seed to become a tree that bears fruit. And we have been instructed to not just bear fruit, but to bear fruit that will last. Tall order!

The word of God is our mirror. We are raw materials (spirit beings) and unappealing in our natural selves. It takes time to cultivate a fruit. It’s weed that spews up and grows even where it is not sown. Bad habits are picked easily, sometimes without any effort. Quite a number of us are guilty of reading and studying etc without making corrections to the not-so-appealing areas of our lives. I’m wondering; is it that we don’t see these imperfections or we just can’t be bothered about our appearance(s).

If reputation didn’t matter, Jesus wouldn’t have asked, “Who do people say that I am?” and if reputation was ALL that mattered I honestly doubt if He’d have asked “but who do you say that I am?” Reputation is who people say you are (who you are in the full glare of other people); character is who you are in the dark (when no one is watching). We need to strike a balance between reputation and character.

And from His example, anyone, anything/anyone can be our mirror. Other people: close friends and associates, colleagues at work, co-workers in Church, fellow road users, line managers, supervisors, neighbors, the gateman, house help, driver(s), the cook, the bar tender, the office assistant, former boyfriends and girlfriends, Facebook pals, classmates, lecturers, the newspaper vendor, the waiters and waitresses, our parents, our bossom friends, our fiends, etc. the list is endless.

Who do people say that I am? Who do you say that I am? ……… *wondering out loud*

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