What Goes Around . . .

Prologue: June 2009

I’m at the salon wondering what to do to the mound of God-given hair on my scalp and the guy handling my hair tells Mee: “you know what, let’s just lock it up that way at least you begin to look the part and cease to be an irony!” And that’s exactly what we did! In less than 30 minutes, most of my hair was gone!

Look how far I had to come to get back where I started from. It’s taken Mee ages (eons of years, time and money) to grow my hair, not to mention the costs of adorning it with extensions et al; and just a split second to yank it all off!

*musing* Waoh . . . Life is like that. It takes just a little sin to break a cycle of trust (T-R-U-S-T —> To-Rely-Upon-Someone-Totally). It takes a great amount of time and energy to raise a building and just a split second or less to raze it to its foundation! *** iSigh

One thing keeps Mee going in spite of all these cycles of broken circles of friendships and trust though: ‘God is mindful of His promises to my enemies!’ ~ speaking about any-Mees – we all price ourselves: Judas sold himself, not Christ, for thirty (30) pieces of silver. What’s your price?

Anyways, since only fools show their vexation at once, in a bid not to get angry (show anger) at people who have wronged Mee, I simply move on and choose to remember them (offender and offense) no more. Unfortunately, I get angry amidst smiles and laughs, making it difficult for people {in retrospect} to realize the point at which they offended Mee. As a result, they find no explanation for my ‘sudden’ withdrawal (Dangerous Bastard)

Except you have once-upon-a-time-but-no-longer been my friend, you may not comprehend what I am trying (operative word ‘trying’) to say. For the sake of clarity though, I have highlighted below, a few incidences and people who by their actions and/or inactions have made Mee realize I am still guilty of the sins of the Christian: malice; anger; wrath; slander; etc

As I enumerate their sins and the scenes, I am reminded of Mother’s loudest mantra to Mee: “the faults you notice in others are those you are most guilty of” (very harsh mama, that woman!). Good thing is that she made Mee see my blind spots (something we all happen to have) and subsequently check (correct) myself . . . thank you Mother!

Uploading scenes and people . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68% complete

• Okay oh-kay!
For all the people interested in the de-tales, stay tuned!

Lol gotcha, www.gbeborun.come – all of una too like gist!

Epilogue: September 2010

A number of church-people frown at my dreads today but … “the matter of the heart is the heart of the matter, my take…”


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One thought on “What Goes Around . . .

  1. No be like gist, I was actually going to see what you would have in stock for mee(small letters). I am happy your eyes were opened early enough by no less a person than the ONE who has seen you inside and out. I thank you for a good entertainment!


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