Tempus Fugit – time flies

I am FULLY aware that time flies, but I believe that time should be spent and/or invested and not wasted…TIME is the ONLY thing common to man; we all have (just) 24-hour days! (which amounts to just 86400 secs or so per day…)

Believe me, wise men don’t say ‘I shall live to do that’, tomorrow’s life’s too late; live today. Martial – Spanish-born Roman satirical poet. Epigrams Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2007. © 1993-2006 Microsoft Corporation.

On the night that Jaco was shot dead he promised to see Mother tomorrow. His last words to Mee were, “I will see you tomorrow, aurevoir…” I have never used those words (or meant them) ever since. I will see you SOON maybe, but not ‘I will see you tomorrow!’ Less than 3 hours after he left home, I received a call that he had been shot! Why make Mee the bearer of such news? I can never forget the details of the 15 years that followed…and the trauma that has resulted from the fact that ‘tomorrow’ never came.

But I have learnt the lessons. Never leave that till to-morrow which you can do to-day. Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790)

Apart from teaching Mee the likely results of ‘procrastination’ his impromptu demise taught Mee to prioritize my activities (my trips inclusive) using the Time Management Matrix. Some things are urgent, some things are important. Some urgent things are not important and some important things are not urgent. Deciding the appropriate class for every activity (and trip) however is subject to MY primary goal, another reason I now appreciate goal-setting.

I will not let anyone bamboozle Mee or decide for Mee what is important or urgent or trivia. I live to make Mee eternally glad (I want to die and rest-in-peace)

Jaco took a step in one direction and failed to follow through. Well, he did not actually plan to fail (nobody ever really does) but … {I wonder why I’m writing about this} … he was shot DEAD! His killers, dead or alive, will know no peace plus their generations after them. Pscheewwww. He was the only one that always addressed Mee as SimiIjogbon. (Oh yes, and Jato too, naturally). Now I live to blow my trumpet all by myself.

I have ALL my life been guilty of standing people up after agreeing to meet with them. My alibi…? Some things (and people) can wait. And like the King said in Coming to America: Let Them Wait! (This is where priorities come in) … no offense guys!

Events after Jaco’s untimely death also made Mee promise myself not to be so tied to the apron strings of anyone to the extent that their death would affect Mee. Yeah, it hardened Mee against meaningful and/or close relationships (same sex or opposite, filial or other). As a result, I made, built and kept friendships on the road. I was a ‘street girl’. No more, no less. The street was my hood and as I was ever-ly on the road, there was no room for intimacy!

Mother once accused Mee of being the only non-friend-ly child at ‘home’. She was sure I did not have friends (sometimes, I think she’s right) because I did/do not have bosom friends. Err for what Ma’am? When prosperity comes, they will come (I kid you not Maa’ma). PS: Bosom friends are rare … and wanted! (What I’m actually asking for is a rain of wealth)

The good thing is that NOW I live everyday like it would be my last. I try to tidy up loose ends and whilst I’m at it, I reduce the occurrence(s) of error due to negligence. If I have ever promised to see you but did not, understand my heart; something more important may have come up. (Rest for Mee inclusive)

Trust Mee, I will see you SOON, not necessarily tomorrow! But when we do see, the wait would have been worth it.

In addition, kindly accept my apologies for ‘standing you up’ – in the past, present or future 🙂

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