Not My Will . . .

The man who leaves money to charity in his will is only giving away what no longer belongs to him (Voltaire 1694-1778, French Writer and Philosopher)

After my demise, I have got little or no worries about the way my income or property would be administered. And even though I have little or absolutely little or no control over how it’d be spent, I have taken care of the bit I can control (info about Mee).

*Newsflash: I have circa Five functional Facebook profiles, Two twitter accounts, Three blogs and about 10 email addresses with passwords known only to trusted 3rd parties.

TRUST —–> To Rely Upon Someone Totally.

In addition to these, I have a compilation of bits of my biography scattered everywhere – disguised as ‘Notes’

There is also TMI about Mee on my blog, Yahoo! profile and loads of information in my Journal, from where the content of the notes and blog come – all of which should serve as a guide for anyone that graciously chooses to write my biography (this is just in case I don’t get to finish writing it by myself).

Apart from these (information about Mee), I have about four functional bank accounts, two dormant accounts and one yet-to-be-opened joint account; most of which I constantly empty at my discretion (I prefer to disburse my earnings by myself as I do not know how the beneficiaries of the left-over’s would treat my wealth after my demise).

All these (largely information and some money, not property in my case) I have put in place (given away), even though it is not my will to die YET.

No one plans to die (maybe a few, yeah, considering the suicide rates) but seriously, no one really wants to die per se. (otherwise people would not spend so much to stay alive). Anyways, that debate is for another day.

One day, all the hustle and bustle will END! And it is easier to do the WRITE thing – my bad – the RIGHT thing about LIFE when you have The END in mind.

I read somewhere that anyone who is old enough to earn a living, is old enough to write a will . . . but then again, there is a Time for everything! Knowing the Proper Time is wisdom …

“Where there is a will, there’s a lawsuit.” Attributed to Addison Mizner, 1872 – 1933

A will (Law) is a disposition by an individual of his or her property, intended to take effect after death.

A disposition of real property by will is termed a devise; a disposition of personal property by will is termed a bequest.

The person making a will, called the testator must have testamentary capacity, that is, must be full of age and sound mind and must act without undue influence by others (demonology, testosterone, alcohol, or good food – as in the case of biblical Esau)

A will is revocable until the testator’s death.

Attestation: the witness cannot be a beneficiary – on more than one occasion, I have been a witness.

I am usually adjudged competent because I am not a beneficiary (unfortunately), but it’s always a privilege to be privy to certain info (inside scoop)!

IF only . . .!

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