Look Before You Leap . . .

When Brittany Murphy died at 32 of a heart attack just before Christmas 2009, I was stunned!

I’m only a few shy of 32 – but then I thought to myself, “I can’t have a heart attack, not ever!” BMI and weight are excellent – if anything, probably a little low for my age, lol.

But barely a few days after that, I was ‘privileged’ to spend 6weeks in hospital after an ‘embolus’ – thank God for my cousin that was around. A dose of aspirin made the pain subside whilst we drove to the hospital. It was after this I really appreciated medicine and medical practitioners plus the profession at large. That being said, Medicine is not my field 🙂

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook. I still have no idea what caused my heart attack but I now know this; “unforgiveness is the cholesterol of the proverbial heart. It is like a clot in a vital artery that slows blood flow to a trickle”. I was sure I could never have a heart attack.

I was as sure as the guy next door who brings home a different girl every other day totaling four girls per week. He probably has/had unprotected sex with them ‘cos he got the virus even though he used to tell me, “Simi, notin dey happen, no lele” Some people are so good at lying (distorting the truth) that they convince themselves

I was as sure as the atheist who seeing creation in all its beauty and glory exclaimed – “there is no God” – unlike the atheist who was vocal enough to openly declare his folly, the fool says the same thing – in his heart! Like my boss is always quick to remind us, “the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart”.

I was as sure as the 27-year old who died of liver and lung failure – a record breaker when it came to boozing and having a ‘good’ time – we dint see it coming, but HE gone!!! His folks claim his death is a mystery – Mystery? I realized there and then that no matter how much you study a ‘mystery’, there’d always be far more to study … May his soul RIP? I hope he is resting easy

I was as sure as the melancholy (erstwhile chic) that sulked away and eventually plunged into depression and near suicide thinking (stupidly believing) that not even God could make her happy/change her story/circumstances. She’s wiser now, thank God she is! I know ‘cos she was Mee! Joy is tasteless to the one who has not experienced sorrow. When you see the glory, ask for the story.

I was as sure as the teenage boy who thought running away from home would solve/put an end to his ‘misery’ ‘bondage’. With freedom comes responsibility – and I told him, “dude, you’ve got to work for the money you earn/spend – rent, feeding, fuel (generator), gas and clothing etc – a trial would take you back home – a premature trial will definitely take you back home. He’s yet to admit his folly.

I was as sure as the guy who took his spouse for granted and then began to wonder why she was nagging – women are subtle, they only begin to nag if you refuse to pay/give ‘proper’ attention… every nagging sister is crying for some attention – find the ‘key’ to her ‘bma’ and give her a spin! (Spikes; who’s got the keys to my B-Ma?)

I was as sure as the irresponsible dad who abandoned his wife and kids and died alone in a house full of grief. With no one to really love him in his last days, to love or care for him – grief stricken and in pain, he passed on … he dead. His death created a fresh problem for the family though ‘cos he dint write a WILL. If you’re old enough to earn a living, you’re old enough to write a WILL

I was as sure as the student that cheated his way through college – he’s wiser now – I’m sure he is ‘cos I dated him! He was/is street smart yeah, but he lacked the ‘necessary’ qualifications and degree he needed to open certain doors!

I was as sure as my boss’ husband who got another wife – and remarried, thinking another woman would mean joy and peace and therefore put an end to his misery. Marriage is about commitment and covenant and not just a relationship – and not convenience bro! The strength of a family, like the strength of an army is in its loyalty to its members – their loyalty to one another

I was as sure as Michal, who in the innocent throes of love, dint want to imagine how difficult her relationship with David might turn out to be. To all the Michal’s in this generation, Thinking IS work, my dear. And marriage is for a life-time, till death do us part! Courtship brings out the best, marriage brings out the rest.

Be clear about what YOU want from life – Life is a restaurant; you get what you order for!

Look before you leap!

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