I’m a Product of My Training …

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he would not depart from it. Training up a child in the way he should go means “training him/her according to his/her own iNdiVidUaL bEnt” (Prov 22:6)

Training Mee in the way I should go meant Father buying Mee a personal PC in addition to the family Desktop that was available at home when I turned 21. This of course, to my siblings was ‘partiality’ but to Father, he was training Mee in the way I ought to go (according to him: the arts specifically CLA, even though I was bent on the sciences)

It meant Father (again) buying my brother a car at 21 even though I was the one that really wanted (not needed but wanted) a car at the time. I, at this point, thought his priorities were misplaced, my younger brother? But he said to Mee, “Instead of putting others in their place, put yourself in their place!”

It meant Father (AGAIN) giving Mee money in 6-figures when I got into University (that was a LOT of money back then) to the chagrin of my Mother and my siblings. They kept saying, ‘Daddy ti fi owo ba e je ju’ translated, Daddy has spoilt you with money! (All because he gave Mee and not them…beef)

It meant Mother (sweet mother) buying a souvenir for all the other kids on her trip to Israel except Mee. I appreciate gifts (the thought behind ‘em) but I am soooo choosey it is almost impossible to buy me a gift I’d honestly truthfully appreciate. We both went shopping (locally) and I got something I liked!

It meant Father castigating Mee for turning on the water heater when I was staying in his house whilst the other kids had theirs on. Upon my protest at the ‘seeming injustice’, he simply asked, “What do you want, hot water or a turned-on water heater?” Share water with the rest and STOP wasting electricity!

It meant Mother (again) asking Mee to stay with her in the kitchen and help the houseboy whilst the other kids were watching TV or out with their friends. Why pay the houseboy if I (unpaid) have to help him? Naturally, I thought it was unfair and plain mean, but today, I am glad she did.

It meant Mother (sigh) caning Mee all-night when I was rude to her husband. “The Bible says honor your father and mother, it doesn’t say what type of father or mother you’re to honor pam-pam-pam! I bled, I wept, but I did not ask for mercy or forgiveness, and she beat Mee all the more for being stubborn!

It meant Father asking Mee to forgive his wife when I was obviously bitter and withdrawn after she’d insulted Mee and treated Mee unlike she treated her kids. Daddy, I dint do anything wrong, she lied! His response; “If you’re suffering from a ‘bad’ man’s injustice; forgive him lest there be two bad men!”

It meant Mother asking me to kneel by her side in prayer and report my siblings to God each time I ran crying to her or reporting their misdeeds. “We will not always be here for you, to fight for or defend you, you have to learn to fight your own battles and/or take them to God in prayer!”

It meant Father sending Mee off to a strange land for NYSC after he promptly changed the postings of his biological children. “You are an ajala-travel; the exposure will do you some good, go!” It seemed very mean at the time and nothing but a subtle attempt to get rid of Mee though.

If I had sulked away like most teenagers do or thrown tantrums like I usually did without imbibing the lessons, life would have been FULL of nothing but hard knocks for Mee now. Today, I can confidently say I’m better off for my training (I really honestly woulda coulda been wooorse!

Putting it ALL together, I guess I’m a LUCKY Bastard after-all 🙂

Thanks to Father and Mother (all 6 of them)!

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