This column is about heart-attitudes: the good, bad and the ugly

As a man thinks in his heart; so he is! This is true even though I used to think it was a mere cliché before now. Being an observer of human nature and a life time learner however, I have come to the realization and authenticity of this claim.

Follow Mee as I expatiate on heart attitudes aka heartitudes. . .

Kaita: if this solely-federal-character-worthy-footballer had been able or wise enough to overlook the offense done to him on the field, dismissing it as a passing whim we probably would have fared better as a team. But analyzing this sentence alone shows the too-many wrongs. How on earth did he get into the team? Kaita who?!? TEAM which?!?

Ok, so he managed to get in as a result of merit, albeit region-state-merit … on what basis? The idea of federal character in itself is faulty. It is based on a low self esteem or self worth or self importance, self concept. Why would anyone choose ability and capability only after making regional considerations?

Back to heartitudes: the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart.

Kaita again: And so a player hits him. If only his mind had conjured an image of where he was going (where we were supposed to be going as a team) he would have been better able to overlook the offence. “Hey German, where I am going is far more important than what you are doing to me and where I am right now (current state). But no, he had to attack! And out came a counter-attack: a red card!”

If only Kaita had been wise enough to dismiss/waive off the fellow . . . *sigh!

But as with queer fatal cases, we tend to see the speck in the eyes of our neighbors whilst ours are log-full! We all have bad tendencies … negative heartitudes which we usually ignore until calamity strikes!

Let’s begin to troubleshoot instead, rather than wait to clean out the mess (messi’s); it always helps!

But mere taking a peek into my mind sometimes, I realize I am such a BIG mess … not to worry though, a cleanup is imminent!

Take a cue from Mee and begin to decipher and correct the grey areas in your life (you know them don’t you? Areas where you are not so white within, not totally black either but not so white…). These areas are revealed by your heartitudes (the state of your heart) which is evident in /revealed by your actions.

Be your own judge. After all, if we judge ourselves, we will not be judged!

We will always be driven/controlled by who/what we cannot get away from, and by what/who gets our attention.

Have a lovely week ahead

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