Forgiveness: letting go of the desire to revenge

Responsibility: Jesus did not want to die, He had to die. Parenting is not a choice…it’s a necessity, a MUST

Usually, when I get into arguments I often simply back out (chicken)… Apart from the fact that I do not really like exchanging words with people, I think it’s a sheer waste of time. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

I respect the fact that it is necessary to state your case and in the process, blow your trumpet, but it is futile to save the ship at the risk of the cargo. Many people lose their friends and reputation (eventually) simply in a bid to win an argument.

No matter how thin you pour the batter, there are ALWAYS two sides to a pancake. No one is entirely dumb or ignorant (in the long run) if you bother to ‘see’ things from their point of view. I wish I could state a valid case here but …

I remember a time I had an argument with my Mom’s husband. These Fathers can provoke their children to angaaarrggghhhhh! Raising your kids doesn’t mean raising your voice. Anyways, like she always retorted when called to meddle: “what does the Bible say?” honor your father and …” blab bla bla. Hogwash (at least so I thought)! “The same Bible says he should not provoke me to anger joorr”! “So until he starts playing his part, you’re not going to play yours?” replied my Mother. Two wrongs never make a right!

I find this ‘argument’ everywhere. We all wonder why the other person is not playing his part and stew-pead-ly wait for them to do so, so that we can re-act. ***sigh*** each one will give an account of his own life to God …at the end!

The love walk is you-specific in that it is unconditional. It does not ask us to love only our nice and friendly neighbor, or the well dressed and easy going one (I admit these ones are easier to ‘manage’); neither does it allow us to choose whom to love! Neighbor (unkempt, dirty, arrogant, cantankerous, silly, impossible, inconsiderate, etc and all the other vices you can think of) no wonder it is referred to as a ‘labor of love’!

Considering the role of forgiveness; love is work … !!!

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