ForGIVE and forGET

Grateful giving, like grateful receiving, comes from the heart!

Job lost everything: children, cattle et al, and his health inclusive; ALL save the servants who brought him the news about his loss … losses is more appropriate if you ask Mee.  In response, he began to voice his distress, by cursing amongst other things, the day of his birth. Words easily criticized by those sitting in a place of comfort, health and ease.

Looking back over my life I have been a victim of words uttered out of sheer ignorance on the parts of those who uttered them. We all run off at the mouth don’t we? I have been abused and misunderstood by those too comfortable to feel or imagine the pain of another.

And these words have cut Mee to heart.

But rather than sit and mope, I have exonerated these fRiends of mine for their lack of knowledge. And like God, I have promised to remember them (their sins actually) no more. Asking Mee to forget is like telling Mee to wish for amnesia.

God did not promise to forget our sins, He only promised to remember them no more.

There is a difference between forgetting and choosing to ‘remember-no-more.’ Love gives and forgives. Love does not forgive and forget! In my opinion, the mantra ‘forgive and forget’ is buhahaha. Don’t ask Mee to forget about it, cos I cannot and in fact I will not.

The best anyone can do is to choose to NOT nurse a grudge or wrath to keep it warm! Remember the offences no more and move on. It is easy for Mee to say this because I have hurt a lot of people in the process. Hurting people hurt others.

So putting Mee at the centre, take a cue from Mee: with respect to other people, you have hurt and you have been hurt. What goes around comes around. Don’t let the next ‘coming’ season meet you at the same spot!

Move on! Forgive! … After all, if we don’t forgive our enemies, we will not get forgiveness from God, the ultimate Judge. And whilst you’re at it, as difficult as it may seem, dare to ‘Forget’ *** sigh!

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