RE: 9/11 attack on WTC

“Islam is a religion in which God requires you to send your son to die for Him. Christianity is a religion in which God sent His son to die for you” – culled from the book ‘Touched by an email’

In the words of Walt Whitman, “I no doubt deserve my enemies, but I don’t believe I deserve my friends.”

All my life I have never been convinced enough about the idea of Christianity to impress it on someone else by any means whatsoever. However, based on recent happenings and in the light of eternity, I have decided to tread this much dreaded line … especially since keeping quiet about the truth is as bad as telling lies. God help my foolishness!

I was born into a nominal Christian family – which is probably the only reason why I am a Christian today. Thank God for the privilege and natural selection I had – even when I neither knew about it nor deserved it. If I had been born into a Muslim family, I probably would still be a Muslim today.

We do not choose how we are born, or our pedigree or whatever else the genetic lottery may allot us but we can choose “how” we live. In this realm of choice-less-ness as it were, we can and really should choose HOW we live!

In my quest to get into the ‘real world’, (I assume this is it …) I have been privileged to be closely acquainted with a couple of Muslims and I can say this for fact: these guys usually know what they are about. Highly disciplined and religious, these folks; it’s amazing!

Looking back over my life, I was a Christian or at least was supposed to be one since I was born and raised in a Christian environment but these guys beat me hands down on the basis of works and discipline, religiosity and their belief in God.

On several occasions, I took the grace of God for granted, even in strange lands and (almost) had no regard for God and the things of God. But not these guys, even without close monitoring and supervision, my friends prayed five times a day – pausing in between our numerous trips and activities where necessary in obeisance to God.

I was astounded! Their level of commitment, dedication and discipline was remarkable. I try not to get into arguments especially about beliefs, prejudices and religion since these usually do not profit anyone. It is not my duty to ‘win’ anyone for Christ; the great commission simply says to ‘go’. What is required of Mee is to let people know that they can be saved.

The question of why or whether or not salvation is needed is a different matter entirely. This cuts across cultures and geographic boundaries and transcends religious inclinations and beliefs. I for one, did not get ‘saved’ until 2009 – I did not feel a need for ‘salvation’ until I could no longer walk alone. I needed a savior and He rescued me.

The concept of GOD i.e. The Trinity has been a stumbling block to many believers not to mention unbelievers. I will attempt to explain it, please note however that this is my opinion – my personal opinion – and even more so nothing but a layman’s attempt at explaining Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity for instance.

On more than one occasion I have heard the snide remark “I cannot serve more than one God”. The concept of the Trinity is a mystery – something you will require child-like faith, simple trust, to understand. Children are so simple, so trusting, they’d believe almost anything. Once a child begins to doubt your words usually based on past experience – he is no longer a child!

Using the Younique head to debug the Trinity

  • I am Mee
  • I am Ms Understood
  • I am Younique

Whilst I do not count equality with God something to be grasped, I will for the purpose of this write up see myself (Mee) as God. (hehehehehehehehehehehe *** softly softly)

Being Mee, I have quite a number of very close friends (in real life) who for various reasons happen not to be on Facebook (Bukie, Dunco, Eromz, My parents and one or two siblings for instance). So judging me by the number of Facebook friends isn’t an entirely accurate measurement of my ‘wealth’. I have many friends… too numerous to mention … it’s just that some of them haven’t accepted Mee (focus please, follow Mee closely on this)

Similarly, I, being Mee, have a Facebook personality that happens to be a mouthpiece of some sort for Mee – Ms Understood – the sent one. She has fewer friends than the real Mee cos of circumstances that brought her forth and some of her convictions. Ms Understood also has fewer friends than Mee because some people just won’t bother signing up for Facebook. (God help Mee)

Lastly, there is Younique, my ‘other’ profile on Facebook; the beloved and quiet Mee, faceless and yet always there … ever present. I have been told on more than one occasion by close friends that know better, that they prefer Younique to Ms Understood. Ironical!

(done… but with errors on page)

All in all, it’s just Mee in three forms, expressing myself in three ways. The highlight of this is that not all friends of Mee are friends of Ms Understood, and not ALL friends of Ms Understood are friends with Younique. Yet it is the same Mee … the Younique-head.

Like I said, it is a lame attempt at explaining the concept of God, but I am no authority, I can only point you in the direction to go. Yoruba people say ‘ona kan o wo oja’ which translated means, “There are several routes into the market.”

Jesus said ‘I am the way the truth and the life’ and where heaven – the eternity market – is concerned, there is only one way and that is JESUS CHRIST!

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