The Making of a Prostitute

Whilst I was growing up, several situations left me wondering whether I was deprived or if my colleagues were simply over-indulged. I am still yet to come to terms with the true situation of things. From my other point of view though (being a Piscean I tend to see things from the viewpoints of twin fish swimming in opposite directions) I simply think I was not street wise enough …

My people perish for lack of knowledge…

I got out of school having enjoyed what I referred to back then as family support with dreams of a much better life ahead of me.  Like my kinsmen would say, it is one thing to mo we (to sabi or know book), it is quite another to mo way (to sabi or know the way) and I sabi book so tay, oversabi dey worry me (nail biting)… yet I suffered a lot because it is not enough to be well-read, it is imperative to be street smart!

BUT the righteous is as bold as a lion …

Needless to say, I was very naïve with respect to the ways of the world. No, make that, the way of life. By stupidly labeling a sect as ‘the world’ and another as ‘the church’ I created a niche for myself out of comfort and timidity (these two vices paraded as humility back then, besides, it was far easier to fit into church settings anyways … )*smh

That was the life … that was my life!

Upon completion of my NYSC, I ‘finally’ got out into the ‘real’ world … The world of pot-bellied contractors in SUV’s, the world of political office holders on a mission to share the national cake generously with every consenting skirt-wearing thing on the highway, zone 4, zone 6 … the world of comfort, the world that required little or no prayer and responded to money!

The simple go on and suffer for it ….

Before I discovered that life however, I made a few faut des pas at regular paid employment and the normal life I had been grooming myself to live by being such a book warm at school. Not that any lecturer had thrilled me so much to the extent that s/he had become a financial model or mentor … I wonder why I had been so naïve and simple! Ppssscccchheeeewwwwwwww

When the going gets tough, the tough get going …

Life as a day-time employee was very uncomfortable. There were too many bills to pay. Bills I had paid little or no attention to as a student … rent was high, power was a burden, diesel for the generator and gas for my car was OMG! Plus my hair, skin and nails had to be on point… not to mention my dressing. Life was tough and I had to survive …

It wasn’t long before I found solace in the laps of a male ‘Delilah’ … he was seemingly god-sent because he provided near-instant comfort and relief. Even after I realized his intention to scrape my hair and hand me over to my enemies, I willingly gave in to him, thus propelling me to the beginning of the rest of my new life.

– to be continued!

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7 thoughts on “The Making of a Prostitute

  1. Ada Okoye

    ah, cant wait for part 2…


  2. beetoks

    ‘bookworm’, that is! I await the 2nd installment


  3. lol… gracias bruva!!!


  4. Ace

    Sister, Bawo ni? Great article. Thanks again for the gist o. You are a life-saver, you know I told you!!!


    Keep doing the write thing at the write time 🙂


  5. wareva mehn, lol … missed you more***honest!!!


  6. seun wellsbaba

    Kai! I have milzed u! U have come again with ur rihanna story(good gehl gone mad!) Lol


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